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Re: Make spiritual side part of my training

Thanks for the responses. I do believe that the competitive aspect is a little too prevalent in BJJ. I don't really study bjj for self defense anymore than a kendoist trains to fight people in the streets with a sword. I do it kind of for the same reason a person would practice everyday on a violin. I also box on occasion but do jiu jitsu much more. I did one mma fight that I won, but have noticed that more and more people involved in that sport nowadays neglect true technique and are especially lacking in the spiritual side if the martial arts. To a lot of them it's just about fighting and winning trophies. I've won medals and trophies in jiu jitsu tournaments and have one from my MMA fight, but have realized that I originally got into martial arts for the long haul. The main reason that I train is because I feel that I'm an artist first and find that through the movements of any particular fighting style a certain expression of myself is portrayed every day in practice as well as in competition. I might not have invented the movements but they are still my own as I grow and learn more and more about myself everyday.
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