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Re: Thoughts on Bugei

Dear Mr. Valadez,

I made a good intentioned commentary but since it was misunderstood perhaps I should clear things a little bit. My post to you was very educated. Yours was agressive (calling me silly do not seem correct for an academic who knows how to differentiate a person from his ideas). Also I never assumed your name was not what you said it was. What I did say was that "SINCE YOUR PROFILE GIVES ALMOST NO INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF, I CAN'T EVEN PRESUME YOUR NAME IS REALLY DAVID". As an academic, you should know the difference.
And this is your profile :
First Name David
Last Name Valadez
Primary Teacher(s)
Birthday N/A
Sorry but anyone who hides every information about himself, shouldn't be surprised if we can't be sure about his name... Of course, you have the right to hide all informations about yourself.
Again I did not say you and Prof. Friday were "attacking each other". What I said was "To some people, lists are places for fighting to the death over some ideas and to show people how intelligent we are. To defeat someone else becomes more important than to ponder over ideas." Sorry but that's how I read your posts.
On the other side, you are right : My commentary WAS off-topic, in a way and I never discussed your points, so it's impossible to say that "I was trying to invalidate your points". How could that be since I never did that? My point was :
"Anyway, I believe what that guy was trying to say is this is no place for essays or excessive length writing."
When you stress your academic acumen and the academic viewpoint with which you were conducting this discussion, I believe you made my point. This is a general list with all kinds of people. You do not "raise the level" all of a sudden. That should be a gradual proccess. And anyway, the place for high-level academic discussion is not on this kind of list. There are University Fora that are intended for them. And, please, observe that I did not say I didn't like or understand them. My problem is not personal. Here, the discussion is open and public and, as such, should be conducted preferably in a non-academic way. That does not mean the discussion shouldn't be intelligent. I enjoy that too.

Originally posted by senshincenter
Disagreeing and/or being critical of Professor Friday's ideas is not attacking him personally.
KAMI : And where did I say that? Again it seems you presume too much. What I did say was :
"Perhaps, Dr. Friday was wise and retreated from a discussion that was becoming essentially personal, no more interesting to anyone."

Originally posted by senshincenter
It would be great, now, if we could get this topic going again - or at least get it back on topic. If not - let's all just move on. :-)
KAMI : Feel free and I really hope you have a return, even if I don't think this should be the place for THIS kind of debate. But I wouldn't dream of trying to stop you, even if I had the power to do that.
I just lament you took it so badly, you felt the need to call me silly. But even so, that's your opinion and you have your right to express it. On my part, no hard feelings, just the observation.
With all due respect
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