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Re: Poll: How important is trusting your training partner in order to have "good" uke

I need the trusty partner to stay safe, because my ukemi is not very good.
So I could say, I need to trust my partner to develop a good ukemi during aikido training.
And maybe I need a trusty partner to take good looking ukemi.

But to take good ukemi, I just need to be able to protect myself. All I need is a partner, who is not deliberately violent, which I just expect as normal from aikidoka.That's why I voted "not very important". Well it is somewhat tricky. There are good arguments for every answer, without meaning something different. It is just a question of interpretation of the answer.

Well the hardest one would be "I am not doing aikido", but as mudansha I can even argue, that I just prepare for aikido. Only starting from shodan level I am an accepted aikido student.

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