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Re: Make spiritual side part of my training

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I don't currently train in aikido, but know that as far as the spiritual side of the martial arts it's very good in that area. Currently I train in Brazilian jiu jitsu but find that there is very little spiritual taught in this art. It is however a beautiful expression of gentleness and adaptation in motion and I plan to teach the art one day. I would like to know how to implement the spiritual side into it that I used to have with the more traditional arts that I studied before.
Hmmm....interesting. I do have a little experience with BJJ, but limited, so I defer to those on this forum who actually study it more than occasionally. It is indeed a highly efficient grappling art, and you can't go wrong learning strong groundfighting skills. BTW, how's your "stand up game?" (as they like to call it)

I also believe your observations about it's lack of a spititual dimension is spot-on. As I understand it, BJJ is intentionally devoid of that dimension. That being said, BJJ is not anti-spiritual and there are indeed many spiritual & religious folks who train in's just simply not considered an essential component.

Since this is an Aikido forum, naturally I'd suggest picking up the active study of Aikido. It would indeed provide fresh perspective in your personal training and challenge you to grow in ways you never before considered: between one art that is almost custom-tailored for competition (BJJ) and is universally considered a fighter's art to an art that eschews competition & fighting and constantly demands introspection concerning your motives for wanting to fight (Aikido). Besides, if you do go on to become a BJJ instructor, your time in Aikido will make you a stronger competitor. The martial concept of Aiki (blending/joining/merging) is diffrent than Jiu/ you will discover. Combine them out!
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