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While we're on the subject...has anyone experienced the uke who blocks the technique, but not consciously. In this case, I'm thinking of a person who seems to not like taking ukemi. I'm sure she doesn't mean to deliberately block a technique, but she unconsciously moves to avoid locks and throws and is able to do so because she knows what is coming. The only way to practice the technique is to blend near-perfectly or do it quickly enough that she hasn't time to block (which feels very nasty when you know someone is a bit sensitive to pain and unlikely to ukemi in a timely manner).

Please - don't get me wrong! I like training with the lady, I benefit since it makes me learn to do the techniques correctly. But it can be so frustrating when you're trying to learn something new and need a little bit of extra time

How do you explain to someone that they're unconsciously blocking a technique? I don't like the tit-for-tat method, I've tried it and it just means that instead of one person feeling frustrated, both of us do

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