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My current dojo charges dues only to pay rent, electricity, etc., none of the teachers are salaried. My last one was the same, and since there was an associated college class, the teachers were paid by the university to teach it. They donated that salary to the club. No one is making money on this website. There are plenty of Aikido venues that are non profit. The fact that they do not promote this person who charged you a few hundred dollars for his books and tapes does not mean they are malicious. It means they don't believe.

You do. We get that. I am happy you have something that interests you. You are also enrolled somewhere in an Aikido dojo. Why not take up this line of questioning/seeking with your sensei? You can continue to announce that those who don't agree with you are ignorant, but that is not winning any friends here. Me, I'm a beginner who probably is ignorant about MA (about anatomy and physiology I think I have nothing to fear from you). But a lot of people you've been talking to have a LOT of MA experience, and others who read this know that. So when you call them ignorant, you lose credibility with more than just that one person.
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