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Bruce Baker
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Should we teach Pressure points:RE

Pressure points are many times pointed to but incorrectly used in many Aikido classes, that is one concern I have for Aikido. We don't specify angle/direction, and whether they are rub, push, or strike points. Just do it this way, why?

We continue to use sounds, physical manipulations, and do some meditation for warmup and bowing out, but as we search for meaning in the lessons we have learned, do we see deeper meaning beyond what our Japanese friends have learned? (Question marks are for questions that explore more possibilities that the statement incurs.)

I think if we have text, manuals, and study groups who are non profit, we would advance the Aikido of O'Sensei's dreams without the malicious state of mind he feared from old style knowledge of secret killing techniques which are not secret at all but out in the open without knowledge to understand them?

Knowing how to prevent someone from activating these silly things is just as important as knowing how to asctivate them? You can find six nerve endings in your forearm and wrist just by poking around with your finger. If you numb one, don't forget to slap it and rub a circle, unless you understand meridian flow ... which is another thing we sometimes do wrong in rubbing our arms and legs in warmup.

For you tough guys, pulling my hair, nor pinching my skin, nor any half hearted technique works on me either, but wouldn't it be great to know where to hit, rub, or push to cause a knockout with three or more attackers? Might actually come in handy? (Hohan Soken Willed his notes to Master George Dillman, they were not in some drawer. Nice try, spin doctors.)

I am not the one making money off of anything? If you measure the amount of Money that we spend for our Martial arts training over a life time, a couple of hundred dollars of books and videos is pretty cheap for someone's williness to help us understand the secrets in MA? If I could, I would put a chart on line, but you would still need a teacher to continue a safe practice/ learning.

Enough of the spitting contest.

Read the books, do the research ... there ain't no Senate sub-committee on this one folks. Once you get comfortable with many of the Aikido pillars, ask what is next ... then maybe you will search futher. It will make your plain old Aikido practice even more enjoyable ... believe it.

It's a good thing I didn't get into Tai Chi's hidden meanings, we wouldn't need all those quiet retired folks beating us up either?
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