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Should we teach pressure points in Aikido before Ryukyu Kyusho Karate has children knocking out shihans?
I just can't help asking WHY?

Isn't Aikido already an enough complex system? Maybe yeah when you're already sandan and above... maybe then it's wise to -especially- do some pressure point studies but before that - why?

Don't we already get to know our bodies via moving? (in regular Aikido practice)

Isn't a street warrior today (especially in winter) more armor-clad than one in the samurai ages? You can't knock someone out with a pressure point when he is wearing fullscale winter clothing.

Healing subject? Sure it's useful but maybe that should be individual interest not in the regular Aikido curriculum.

Sure there is different use for knowledge about pressure points. As there is about how to handle a chainsaw

But why when and how this knowledge should be implemented in the regular Aikido curriculum... I can see no reason

Convince me otherwise

Estonian Aikikai
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