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Re: What Exactly Are We Practicing Here?

I am new to the Aikiweb Community and have been thru this exact thought before. I studied Tae Ku Muk Sul for a few years and wrestled thru High School.

There are times in both wrestling and martial arts that you become stagnant and you have to take the personal responsibility that if your needs are not getting met to take action. Even no action is action.

I have taken it upon my self to move on or change up what I was doing in order to make it fresh and learn something new about myself and the art I am learning at the time.

I see both my wrestling in high school and martial arts as a personal growth opportunity. I used to have problems controlling my anger and this was a big opportunity to gain some control over this. If I loose my sense of where I am and what is going on around me i have lost.

I am now starting back into martial arts but this time with a new challenge ahead. The reason for getting out the last time was due to financial concerns and having 2 young daughters at home to care for.

Now that they are 13 and 10 we are now going to venture into this as a family. I know at some point this may not feel as if it's making sense or I am struggling to learn something new. But again I will have to take the step forward and change either my thinking or where/what I am practicing.

I look forward to focusing in on Aikido as this was one of the foundations of the art I had the pleasure of learning previously.

Thanks to this forum I see that I am not alone in my quest.

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