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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....

Originally posted by thomson
Last night I had the distinct displeasure of working with an uke that was hell bent on (I believe) proving that aikido doesn't work or MY aikido doesn't work. SNIP ... His reasoning was that if done correctly it wouldn't matter how strong or weak I was I would be able to finish the technique.
Not true. Force is necessary to move anything, even if it's just a cottonball. And you must apply force to stop or redirection uke's motion. Let's not forget that the simple act of standing requires force. Would tenkan with uke hanging onto your arm require less? One reason we practice is to find the MINIMAL force needed when combined with proper technique.

Part of the rest of the problem is nobody else want to work with this guy, so because I'm newer to the dojo, a lot of times I'm still looking for a partner after everyone has run from him.
Why should you train with him? Are you an adult? Are you paying money to learn aikido? This guy is your sensei's problem, not yours. You could try this: Next time simply stand next to a pair of people who are practicing and wait patiently. When your sensei asks what you're doing, tell him, "I won't practice with So-and-So." If he asks why, tell him.

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That's going to leave a mark.
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