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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

Chris and Don comments made me realise something. May be what we consider what aikido is differently.

Chris talked about, head and body lock, and I a was about tp reply that we do defend against those in aikido but I think that may be there is an another differentiation in what we respectively thing aikido covers.

Yesterday we did knife defence with a bit of resistance
In one occurrence the technique was so that you ended on the omote side of uke
You grab his wrist with on hand and with the other you go around the neck from behind (ie you hand ends upon the front
You the drop on one knee (the outside one being up) and the arm bar the arm on the knee the extension of the arm is maintained by pulling the head away
(I hoped you see the one I mean)
Because we where resting and that you can not really fall with uke full ballast on you knee. Sometimes uke could prevent/resist the rotation of his arm on the knee (basically that could become a sticky point and we could loses our advantage) and so we ended chocking him instead still controlling the arms.

And for me that is still aikido, the choke being just a different way to finish the technique, but may be some would consider that outside the aikido scope?

Ps (is that high jacking this thread, should we start a new one?)

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