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Re: Should we teach pressure points in Aikido?

Should we teach pressure points in Aikido
At our place we train traditional "aikikai" Aikido, enough pressure points in our training.
It just is not the main focus of our training, which does not mean that pressure point use is ommited either!!

Besides there is a big risk that shifting focus (maybe with every little hype that comes along) will lead you astray.

There are too many impossible things happening in my lifetime.
Such as an abundant use of questionmarks ??

well ... some teachers are giving people wings, and we had better get few for Aikido.
But aikido has good wings.
If you cant fly, it may be wiser to learn how to use the wings you already have instead of buying new ones!

Aikido in its true form doesn't allow for openings ... but even that, I fear, is just a matter of time.
No, this is just a symptom of what is commonly refered to as a what if mentality.

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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