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Freaky! Re: Should we teach pressure points in Aikido?

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Should we teach pressure points in Aikido

Too late. It is already done.

before Ryukyu Kyusho Karate has children knocking out shihans? ( A bit extreme,

And quite fantastic.

You can't knock people out with touch?

Generally speaking, no. With a well-placed, solid thump? Yes. With hypnosis (self-inflicted or otherwise)? Yes. With a fair understanding of the power of suggestion and a willing subject? Yes.

they don't see that Aikido uses proven principles of meridians (a concept of

This sort of thing is taugth in almost all budo at some level and in some form. It's not new, it's not secret, it's not unique.

I have seen more than a couple of ten, eleven, twelve year olds who are getting the hang of knockouts?

As I said, that's pretty fantastic.

Maybe because Americans want to share what they learn these secrets have become more

Or maybe because certain individual want to make money off the relative gullibility of the public at large?

So if you Pooh-poohed looking into pressure points like the old saying, " If god wanted man to fly he would have wings!" well ... some teachers are giving people wings, and we had better get few for Aikido.

Don't need 'em. Aikido has perfectly good wings of its own, as long as you know how to find 'em and use 'em.


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