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Bruce Baker
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Should we teach pressure points in Aikido?

Should we teach pressure points in Aikido before Ryukyu Kyusho Karate has children knocking out shihans? ( A bit extreme, I guess, but not far fetched with what I have seen progress in the last three years?)

There are too many impossible things happening in my lifetime.

Jetplanes will never take off vertically?
Computers will never be the size of a magazine?
You can't look into peoples bodys with sound and magnetic resonance?
You can't knock people out with touch?

We have many advance people who have been taught technique, and seen proven results from years of practice, but they don't see that Aikido uses proven principles of meridians (a concept of medicine relating to the human bodys organs/ functional systems) and having the capabitity to use angle and direction to activate these meridians through nerve endings/pressure points. I have seen more than a couple of ten, eleven, twelve year olds who are getting the hang of knockouts?

Maybe because Americans want to share what they learn these secrets have become more readily available to study and learn in the last ten years? Dim Mak and pressure points is not a magic but a science to be taught, learned, and respected much like the proven sciences of our age?

So if you Pooh-poohed looking into pressure points like the old saying, " If god wanted man to fly he would have wings!" well ... some teachers are giving people wings, and we had better get few for Aikido.

Or would you rather go back to horses and oil lamps ....
FYI: Aikido is still well respected by even these knockout artists, because in its true form it doesn't allow for openings ... but even that, I fear, is just a matter of time.
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