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Re: Baseline skillset

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I posted several times in the past that for all practical purposes, the equivalent to "silk reeling exercises"in Aikido was in the Aiki Taiso. Now most Aiki Taiso don't have silk reeling, but I've never been able to say that with complete certainty in some of the old films of O-Sensei.... there are a couple of videos where I had to go "maybe-maybe not" because I just couldn't tell for sure what he did to get to some of the places he got in his movements. Tohei I would say no... he uses only the pulling silk, although I don't think he really teaches what he knows about this area (just an opinion, not a judgement).


Hmmm ... speaking of Aiki Taiso. So, you're saying that exercises like Udefuri, Funakogi, and shomenuchi should all be done with silk reeling?

For those who want to see vids of two of the above (but please don't read the descriptions):
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