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Re: Counter double-leg takedown

Alex Guo wrote: View Post
anybody know how to counter a double-leg takedown besides a sprawl-to-guillotine choke??
hello alex
fwiiw, here one version staight from 15th century wrestling.

Aber ain ringen.
Another wrestling
Item, schlach vß mitt bayden henden; vnd fall mitt bayden henden in baid knybüg, vnd züch zu dir, vnd stoß in mitt dem kopff oben für die brüst, vnd wirff in zu ruck.

Item strike out with either/both hands and fall with either/both hand on both knee-bend and drag toward you, and shoot in with the head on the top over the breast and throw him backward.
= Double leg take down

Ain bruch wider daß ringen.
A break against the wrestling
Item, also brich daß: faß in oben by dem halß vnder den yechsen, vnd leg dich fast oben vff in. Vnd tritt wol zu ruck mitt den füssen, das er dir kainen begryffen müg, so truckst du in zu der erden.

Item you break this like so: grab him above by the neck under the (jeschsen=lechzen)skull(or jaws) , and press fast over him, and take a good step backwards with the feets that may not grab/engage you, hence you drive him to the ground.
= Break against the above: you press on his neck and take a step back so he crashes on his nose whith the help of our pressure down.

that version is aiki enough by my standard but it can easily be modified to be kaiten (i.e. engaging the head the same way and getting one arm., if possible the side of the leg we have the closet to the opponent so that he can not turn it into a SLT.
basically a ie a bras à la volée wilst pushing the head down

With that kaiten we can drop straight to the floor in an arm lock (nikkio or sankio) the version with the knee in the shoulder/neck or throw him.
But to be fair they are all working on the same principle spral guillotine included.It seems that controlling the head to prevent to it come up is corner stone, how we finish it is sugar on the cake.

Now like the sprawl to guillotine it is not magical either. A good shooter will do DLT when he has a large window of opportunity to do the technique and when we will have a small window of opportunity to counter (and that makes any counter iffy).

does that make sense?

ps what Chris said still stands. it is something you really need to try

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