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Thoughts on Bugei

I want to say that I was hesitant to again re-enter this thread because I sort of made it a self-imposed rule to either not comment at all, or at the most very little, when replies come in "off topic".

In truth, I found Bruce's comments way off topic. For while his comments may be interesting to some (I cannot count myself among these folks), they certainly never addressed the points brought up by this thread.

Kami's position is even more off topic in my opinion. It is silly to assume that my name is not what I say it is, or that Professor Friday and I were personally attacking each other, or that in some way both of these incorrect assumptions on his part invalidate what was being said in my posts. FYI: This is the way that academics talk. Somewhere along all the schooling, you learn to differentiate yourself from your ideas - or at least you better if you want to emotionally survive in an arena where difference and debate are the underlying structure of everything you do. Disagreeing and/or being critical of Professor Friday's ideas is not attacking him personally. It is out of respect for Professor Friday that I took his ideas seriously - enough to truly ponder over them and then to comment upon them to the best of my ability. In short, as a professional scholar, Professor Friday clearly did not leave this thread because he felt "attacked". Rather, as he stated himself, at the beginning of his second post, before he even read my second reply to him, he left because he was both without the time or inclination to continue.

That said, and this is the reason I decided again to reply to this thread, I wanted to (re)point out the truth that Mr. Ledyard put before us all. Namely, that one has the right as prospective reader to not read what is before him/her. I find that to be totally filled with virtue. I too think it would be a great disservice to this forum for individuals to raise criticisms based solely upon stylistic matters (as Bruce and Kami did). We learn nothing from each other if we begin our conversations, or worse end them, with denouncements of writing styles.

And finally - in an attempt to clear his good name. :-) I also wanted to point out that I do consider myself to be on good terms with Mr. Gordan. And I am also sure that we would have a great time training together - based upon his other posts that I have read. I did not at all find his first comment to be objectionable. I took it in the light-hearted manner in which it was offered. For I also find that friendly banter is a nice part of these threads, and I did in fact have nice conversations with him via small posts on this thread. Plus - He is also responsible for bringing Professor Friday back into (for the first time) this thread - one should note. And we should all be thankful for that. I know that I am.

It would be great, now, if we could get this topic going again - or at least get it back on topic. If not - let's all just move on. :-)

Thank you,
DMV ("D" is for David)
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