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Re: Baseline skillset

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Hmmmm.... well, I'm not the one waiting anxiously to meet up with Daving and talking about hugging and making friends, Dan. In fact, somehow I don't think that was the traditional approach to martial arts at all!!!!

Well, I can understand your approach and your humor in doggin me whenever I say it- as if its something anathema to Budo. I've met plenty of capable guys who have no trouble being nice- till its time to play, and I've met a few others who were very capable and were perfect asses. There really isn't any distinction either way that I've seen. Its simply a choice.
Like the story Ellis likes to tell of O'Sullivan, who was verbally accosted on a train. He was nice and magnanimous to the twerp giving him a hard time. A reporter said something like "You're Champion of the world you don't have to be nice. O' sullivan said. "I -AM- champion of the world. I can afford to be nice."
Again, its just a view. It doesn't validate anyone's training either way.

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