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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Shin kokyu would be an interesting place to apply some internal body skills and/or pick Anno Sensei's brain about. There's a lot in there, or at least those movements have a lot of potential, IMHO.
And Anno Sensei is in town this week.

Sadly, I doubt I'll have a chance to talk to him this time around, although I've an invite to visit him in the home he's staying in.

I think shin kokyu has a lot of religious overtones, but it certainly contains a number movement practices that appear to be in line with internal development, when practiced correctly.

From previous encounters over the years, I'm not sure that his focus on shin kokyu is the same as those looking for internal skills.

Most of the shin kokyu instruction I've witnessed doesn't appear to offer students a lot of detail and individual feedback or correction with respect to posture, focus, and managing appropriate internal tensions. Although occasionally discussed and demonstrated, it's appears to be taught more as a mental and spiritual exercise with the physical components taking more of a back seat or presented as aids to the mental. I know that I can use the exercise in different ways and get different results.

But I could certainly be wrong, as he does execute technique in a very relaxed manner and moves his feet rather than his arms when he wants to affect uke and once in a while shows things that are quite different than the experimentation he openly teaches in his seminars. But it's a bit hard to evaluate from memory when my own understanding of these things has changed so radically in the last two years.

Something to try and ask about then, this week, if I can free up time and get a chance.


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