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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

Sorry, chris
I though your take was that aikido is not a "stand alone" empty handed system.
Nonetheless, I think we agree on it is coming from a time where you expect your opponent to be armed.

Personally, I associate weapon access in aikido with late sensei Bill Smith.
Personally I think aikido is a good open hand system.

But to be fair, I can understand where Don comes from
We practice from 16 from (ie way of attack) and we have 9 techniques per form. There is a lots of atemi and we kinds of mean it. And the Guv'nor is quite found of koshi

On the side of all that we practice hije jime, jgije garami and other niceties here and there that are kind of extra curricular.
The said techniques have an omote and ura when it is possible and not too farfetched
And we do weapon very regularly (kumi-x and x dori awasia and so on).

This is not a mine is better bigger than yours, it is just to point that there is probably a difference in what each individuals is used to.


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