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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
The whole thing is that you don't want to admit that the movement did develop from silk workers in China and that it was refined into a martial method. That's your problem.
Source? It's a freakin' metaphor, for chrissake. You don't even have a remote clue how to do reeling-silk exercises or what reeling-silk jin is and you'll devote post after post to insisting some superficial blurb you read in a book by some wants-to-appear-knowledgeable writer is credible. Give us the source's name and let's compare him/her's credentials to Chen Xiao Wang's.
No, you didn't give the discussion/explanation from CXW.
Go back and look.
But everything I've seen from CXW includes the standard illustrations of pulling the silk from the coccoon: too fast and it breaks, too slow and it tangles.
Source? I've never seen anything from Chen Xiao Wang himself showing those kinds of standard illustrations and I tend to read everything he and a number of others put out.
I'm just going by the research and you are the only one who tries to portray it as the actions of the worm, which is really appropriate.
This is insanity. You'll argue any topic, even one you've blatantly been shown not to have even superficial knowledge about, to the bitter end.

And incidentally, the "don't break the thread strand" stuff is one "common consumption" explanation that is seen, but there are indications it's an after-the-fact reaction to the metaphor and that it may wrongly focus on the "silk". "Silk" is an old and well-known martial reference to the fascia, as well, and "fascia winding exercises" is a very accurate way of describing what's going on.

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