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Well, I'm not much past that point, anyway. And I kind of consider that magic pill to exist, it's when I put my shoes in the rack before class.

With every technique, I do exactly what I did from my second class onward (first class was just rolls/falls): I watch my sensei's feet twice, then his hands once, then ukemi once. Repeat if there's more than four demo's. Then I get up and try to do what I just saw. I've never NOT seen something new, with any instructor, with any technique.

My belt is a bit softer so stays tied longer now, but I wouldn't mind going back to my beginner days of taping it to stay closed.

My ukemi -- sigh -- is not much different. I'm the type most hate , who never had pain in her rolls and loved breakfalls from the moment I first tried them. The drawback is, I don't see much improvement when I look at how I was and how I am... pain is a great motivator to dramatic improvement.

So I'd say if you saw me then and see me now, not much difference... but it has not been that long anyway.
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