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For the Non-Belivers

Suru wrote:
... Many of us know that electricity plays an essential role at the atomic level, and I now consider ki to be this electricity, ever-flowing and always joining matter together. Perhaps ki is the "One Kami" and organisms are the "many kami". I continue to seek other meanings and evidences concerning ki and kami, and I've found many aikido and religious books to be quite insightful on these topics.
I've found many people who use "Ki" as an excuse. Since it's mysterius and "unknowable", they just stop explaining their art, be it accupuncture or aikido, and just say- "That has to do with Ki".

However, there is a good argument for those who belive Ki does not exist. After all, the guys in high energy physics are not looking for "Ki" particles.

For those who don't believe take a look at:
on the Chicago Ki Society Annex.

Ted Ehara
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