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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Yes, it is, but you know what? That description EXACTLY covers the way a CHILD pulls against force. A CHILD uses "pulling silk" or "chousi jin" in his movement....

And the child will naturally add body twisting and turning to that energy, connected through the center to the ground.

What you describe above is exactly what I described in my Aikido Journal online blog about toddler movement. I took my daughter's outstretched hand, she pulled back and sank her weight as she stepped back. She had a direct line connection, extending my arm and connecting to my center.

So thank you for reinforcing my information on that subject.
Ah, Jeez. This is ludicrous. You need to get someone to show you, David. A child does NOT use this kind of jin. I had 2 children and I'm a body-watcher-for-movement anyway. A toddler does whatever it takes. It puts a pacifier into it's mouth with just arm. It individually motivates limbs because reeling silk and pulling silk require levels of coordination that a child does not have. "These strengths must be learned; they are not intuitive". Old saying.

What you're saying is the equivalent of saying that a toddler naturally does polynomial equations, but forgetting that a child's brain is not that developed, even though it sounds cool. Pulling Silk and Reeling Silk are NOT "natural" movements in the sense that they're intuitive. "Natural" refers to following/in-harmony with the laws of physics. Attributing this type of movement to an immature human is far off the mark.


Mike Sigman
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