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Re: Re: Aiki Spirit

Originally posted by tedehara

BTW can you buy the Japanese version of Tohei's book? The English version is only sold to KS members so far. If you can, what is the price? I thought you might know since you're in Japan.
No idea. I'm still working my way through "Take Musu Aiki" - it'd go faster if M. Ueshiba ever used anything like normal Japanese .

We're not living in individual villages, developing our own styles of martial arts. People get out and train with each other. I'm sure Aiki-jitsu and Aikido will inspire each other as long as people train in both arts. Perhaps this is the reason they both look so much alike today.
The reason that they look alike is that Aikido is almost entirely based (on a technical level) on Daito-ryu.

I think we're talking pass each other here. The only agreement I was talking about was the fact that both Takeda and M. Ueshiba agreed that the founder's practice should be called something other than Daito-ryu Aiki-jitsu. This has nothing to do with their long-term relationship.
Well, that's the thing, I don't think that they ever agreed on anything much concerning the split that formed between them. M. Ueshiba did change the name to Aikido later on, but that had nothing to do with Takeda. The names changed around before that, but I don't ever recall an instance in which they reached any kind of agreement on that point - what's your source for this?



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