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Re: Baseline skillset

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Chris - Wow, I had no idea there were two. I thought Minoru was the person who developed Shinto-ryu.
Ellis, that's probably because he was a big student of katori shinto ryu and was known for developing a lot of things in his own way. In fact, he did continue teaching the major kata of katori shinto ryu throughout his life, but, unkike Sugino Sensei, whom he says he introduced to KSR, Minoru Mochizuki modified the KSR forms rather substantially. But he never called it anything but katori shinto ryu.

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
I've frequently thought someone(s) somewhere were very cavalier if not stupid - because they must have been quite smug to settle for what they have, given what they could have had. In certain areas, I've gotten a beautiful zircon - and it angers me that I could have had a diamond, but for the choices of others before me.
Having read of Yoshio Sugino's phenomenal ability in judo despite his small size (and before there were weight divisions), then having seen his performances of katori shinto ryu, I have to believe that he was conveying every drop of what was to be had in that art. And I cannot believe that Minoru Mochizuki's was lacking, either.

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