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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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I think that Chris Hein's argument that it's about retaining a weapon is persuasive...but in addition to having no real experience doing that kind of live practice, I'm also suspicious of saying that techniques will magically start working better than judo/BJJ if you put a knife in one person's hand, or strap a sword at your waist. It seems like even if they're optimized for weapons, they should function empty-handed.
I don't buy this too much. Mostly because 95% of all aikido I've experienced was done without a weapon. My opinion is that if it was ment for weapons, we would not train empty handed.

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Another theory I'm considering (not mutually exclusive with the weapons one) is that aikido isn't so much a standalone, foundation art as it is an advanced study for people already competent in judo and grappling. There's some historic evidence for this, in the biographies of aikido greats.
This is why I started training in judo in the first place and found out how much I love fighting.

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Are you thinking from standup or from on the mat?
Both, I use some very weird wrist locks standing and from the knees. But I have tons of success in wrist locks from side control, north south, and the mount.

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