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Re: Baseline skillset

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You lead 'em with carrots and I'll smack their butts from behind, Rob. I guarantee you that some people have gone to see Dan *partially* because I got 'em so riled that they want to kick my butt.
Well actually I have now trained with maybe half a dozen folks who have trained with you and they have good things to say about your presentations and willingness to share. I have trained with maybe a dozen more who know about you and think you are difficult on the net but they have listened to those who say you are giving and nice in person. I've not met anyone who wants to get good just to kick your butt, whatever that means. Don't know why you brought that up, But folks who come to see me are clearly here for skills they don't have but want to learn.
That's all.

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No matter how you manipulate them psychologically. It's up to them and few can understand what a big undertaking it is
I tell them what they need to do and leave them alone. There's no money involved, rank, style what have you , so they can do what they want. Those who have trained here for up to 14 years do so with their own determination. I'd be embarassed to even think of trying to manipulated them in any way. I've never even thought in those terms.

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So the trick is how do you get people to make an effort, particularly when you know that even the people who make an effort only have a limited chance at success.
Some people get mad when they're challenged, but some people wind up getting there in spite of all else.
You can't make people make an effort. They do or don't. I don't challenge. I just do. They decide if it's something they want or not. In the mean time I just keep laughing, huggin em and making more friends. Just a view, FWIW.
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