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Re: Baseline skillset

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But notice how you're defending koryu, etc., as somehow special and different, even as we speak. I understand it, it doesn't bother me in the least... but it's nothing but the information that interests me.


Interesting. You said Koryu folks were snobs, I said no, they are not, They were nice, even warm people.
Now I am supposedly defending Koryu AND saying they are special?????
I have seen far more formality and snobishness in Aikido and Iai, then in Koryu, Judo, or jujutsu dojo.
I even coined a phrase.
In lue of substance you frequently find formality."
I dropped it because I started meeting some nice folks in Iai and Aikido.
But hands down the best atmoshperes I have seen were in judo, BJJ, and in Koryu.

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