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Re: Baseline skillset

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Hi Dan:
This idea of "secrets" that people are sworn to uphold, yada, yada, yada, is interesting to me, but frankly in this sort of "Baseline Skillset" discussion, I'm curious why such basic concepts are treated like some deep, dark koryu/masonic-lodge technology.

Your second-paragraph in the quote above is spot-on. That's where everything starts. Right there.


Mike Sigman
I help beginners in person, not on the net.
I know the idea of Koryu must bother you because you are so sarcastic about it. Its as simple as your word. I presume that most guys are fairly honest. In some schools you have to pledge to not discuss the schools "goods" in public. So you're really a scum bag if you break your word. At least to me they would be. Other schools don't require an oath but you know they don't like things being taught openly. Its a relationship thing. There is a host of men in Japanese Koryu who take umbrage to your insulting those ideals and models. I think I understand where you're coming from, But I understand a koryu relationship as well and I respect it.

Why would you knowingly choose to use a word like grandstanding? Why...throw that out there? There are actually very few people reading these forums, and the majority of them really don't give a crap about this stuff. So who is grandstanding to whom. I think its "tempest in a tea cup" all the way, and I frequently feel the fool for even caring to write in. Grandstanding is certainly an interesting word that denotes importance. I feel no sense of importance nor even positive affirmation here. So other than a hobbyist interest..... I feel disinterest both to and from the community, never mind - approval. Yet I try to remain as respectful as I can manage and write if I care to do so.

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