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Re: Baseline skillset

I don't want to interupt this love fest. But to clear up a few points Mike was not referring to a year ago but a direct reply I gave him to one of his posts right here. It's all right here to read -just follow along. Not that it matters, since I haven't "changed my mind" about any of this.
Chris, no one will be "doing" silk reeling in a kata or two. It's a very hard, long process of changing the way you move. You wouldn't "do it" here or there in a kata. Nor would it be included as part of a kata here or there. Winding the body is as relevant as a golfer winding "his" body. I know and train with golfers that blow me away on the golf course. Ask them and they will talk all day about relaxed extension and winding But they ain't gonna throw me any day soon. Because they aint' doin what I'm doin.

For my part you are welcome. I try -But it isn't easy. You really have to touch and feel and then bang and try to roll. Somewhere along in there when you like what you see and feel you start to work on changing your body. Chances are you could walk out the door of the dojo and quit Aikido, train solo for three years of really intense work, walk back in and probably "do" Aikido better then most senior folks you will ever meet.
Its not unbeatable or any of that claptrap. But its better real time skill then anything most will ever see in such short time. And it just keeps getting better.

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