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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
And saying that I "quickly dropped it"??? What does that mean? Because I don't repeat it in every post, I've suddenly dropped it? I've used that definition of aiki several times on this board, in various threads. How many times do I have to repeat it? It's a direct definition of kiai as stated by someone who was senior to both Shioda and Tohei.
What did O-Sensei say about kiai in Aikido, David?
And obviously, you aren't conscious that I did describe "ura of kiai" in physical terms several posts back, replying to Rob. Read the thread.
I did. I agree with Rob. You haven't said anything other than vagaries.
I'm as qualified to orate on tai chi as you are on aikido, okay? Which is to say, I know only a little bit about it.
I did Aikido 7-8 years. I only went to college for 5 years.... want to toss that off, too? A lot of Aikido with a number of fairly well-known teachers. I know what the concepts and principles are and I can physically do them. Could you even do something basic like receiving jin, cold jin, fajin, etc., in Taiji? If so, this would be a good time for you and I to discuss how these things are done since they cross-apply to Aikido and a number of other arts, albeit with different nomenclature. Want to start? You just made the assertion, so let's see you step up. Shall I start a new thread somewhere I will accept that you know a lot about tai chi, but you really didn't much scratch the surface on aikido.
Basically, your claim is that you can use tai chi principles to do "the techniques" of aikido. But I don't agree.
I know, David. Time and time again over the last couple of years you've gone in and out of this discussion where you know all this stuff and then you admit you don't know it and then you know it again... and when someone presses you for answers, it cycles again. Why don't you just go visit Dan and see what he can do.... and also show what you can do?
And as for "complaining that you're being picked on," you do that more than anyone. You attack everyone, then squeal when someone gives it back to you. If I get valid criticism, I consider it. I get invalid criticism, I shrug it off. I get criticism from you, it's just wind.
I'm not complaining about being 'picked on'.... source, please. I am complaining about the fact that you and a select few on this forum will keep any conversation/issue that blows your cover full of discussion about personality. I keep pointing out that you have not responded substantively to any questions in many posts now.
I meant "call them on it." You would call Tohei if you didn't know it was him. If Shioda posted some stuff straight out of his books, under the screen name "Aikighost" or "Lilaikidoman" or something, your replies would invariably begin, "Lilaikidoman, you don't have a clue. You clearly don't understand how aikido works."
Actually, I'd ask them regardless. If someone says, "Just relax and let the Ki of the Universe flow through you and it will work", OF COURSE I'd question it!!!! I'd say "how does that work". If they tap-danced and bullshitted about "secrets" I'd keep questioning them. If they started talking about my personality flaws because I didn't treat them with enough respect and because I was rude enough to demand factual answers, I'd hold it up to the world to "beware of this man... he's only posting to get himself known". That's the way I am. Why do you think you're suddenly seeing a number of shihans suddenly talk about this stuff (well or not to well) in public? It's because people are questioning. The uncomfortable people seem to be the people who don't really know, as a lot of people have noticed.
As I say, I meant "calling them on it," the phrase you used in the post I replied to. But the fact is, you don't treat anyone as an equal in the discussions. You don't show anyone basic respect, so you just don't get much in return.
Exactly. That's your real problem, right there. People don't give you and some others "enough respect". The answer is this: people gave "enough respect" for years and all that happened was the same hierarchy and BS ruled. And that's what you want, as do a number of people..... you want somehow to keep the status quo the same and not have anyone rudely questioning. It's a real conundrum and I mentioned several years ago that's exactly what would happen. It's interesting to see.
Why, it's simply because Mike Sigman says I don't know it, never having met me, never having visited the old dojo in Japan, never having gotten his own black belt in aikido and needing to belittle me to raise his own esteeem. Hey, belittle on, big man. It will make you feel much bigger.
And again... the reason you can't physically describe how to do these things is???
Right. You've claimed CXW told you you were the only Westerner who knew how to move for tai chi
Give me a quote on that one. I've never said that.
Quote: claimed Liang Shou Yu as "your teacher,"
Go back a few posts to where you said I never said who my teachers were, David. Other than just nit-picking and staying on personality, what's your point? BTW.... what's the date of when I mentioned Liang Shou Yu and how many times have I done it? When's the last time you mentioned Mochizuki as your teacher and how often to you refer back to it?
But to be fair, give me a list of what facts you want and I'll see what I can do.
Just tell us physically how aiki functions as the "ura of kiai". And BTW..... you might want to go back and look at that interview with Inaba Sensei I pointed to a few times. See what he has to say about what aiki is. Think of Ueshiba's manipulating the Sumo player and saying how he did it as "the secret of Aikido". See if you can reconcile your "ura of kiai" with a physical how-to. That should explain pretty well why you're on one page and everyone else is on another one.


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