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Re: Baseline skillset


Can you explain how silk reeling or pulling is performed within your style?

Im not trying to be confrontational, but as I study JSA as well, and train at the aunkai, I would appreciate your perspective.

I do not practice tai chi, and my silk reeling experience is limited to a single seminar with CXW (where no one explained what we were supposed to be feeling or doing, rather CXW would have us do the motions and he would push on us and correct our shape), where I tried to apply what I learned at the aunkai to the motions shown. I would not characterize myself as understanding silk reeling to any extent.

With regards to japanese sword arts, I will say that what I do apply to iaido now has been influenced by the anukai, but do note, that some exteremely basic IMA concepts were taught by my original instructor (being aware of how the weight of the sword effects your body on cuts, draws etc, being aware of how to shift your bodyweight on cuts etc, how to "push" without the legs in the kata from tatehiza or seiza, opposing tensions within the body on the draw etc). Rob and I discussed this on a couple of occasions.

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