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Re: Baseline skillset

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I guess my point is David is wrong when he says Mike, Rob and I haven't made any attempt at describing things. Yes I tell people they don't get it. But there are ways to tell folks they don't get it, while being civil and respectful. If you want to. It's a difficult position to be in, because we are right. Period.

I, for one, don't partcipate in this thread because I don't conceptualize this way and know I don't know.

However, I do read and appreciate the description (not always the dialogue) and get curious about what I don't know and don't get, yet.

IMHO, the finer points are hard enough to get a glimpse of in training and are impossible to describe in words. Yet, the inadequate words get me interested in the new directions.

For even attempting it, my deepest appreciate to all.

Rei, Domo.

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