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Mike Haftel
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Re: Parsing ai ki do

One thing that I find interesting is that the translation of Aikido is generally said to be "The Art of Peace," or "The Way of Peace and Harmony."

However, Wado is an art which has a more fitting translation of "The Art of Peace," or "The Way of Peace and Harmony."

As far as I knew, "Wa" was the Japanese term for "harmony" or "peace;" especially in a social, group, or even a physical context.

"Aiki" is something else entirely.

I like the analogy that someone else brought up about the lid fitting the pot, especially since that is what the kanji for Ai is. And, that could bring to mind the aspect of "blending" which is present in arts such as Aikido and Daito Ryu -- something which fits, just so. Something that blends.

I can see where Aiki and Wa could be used in the same context.

But, most importantly, who cares? Does it really matter what Aiki means? You could call it "young duck squats on log." It wouldn't change anything really.

I could be wrong, though.
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