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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
You're serious, aren't you? You don't understand that that sentence refers to someone else saying something that implied Mochizuki was dumb. I think I see the problem with why you and I continually miscommunicate, Chris.

OK, Mike, here's the deal. Let's agree that imply means one of two things: 1) to involve by logical necessity or 2) to express or indicate indirectly. The second definition would require some intention on my part. I can assure you that it was not my intention to imply that the head of my ryuha was dumb. So we're stuck with the first definition. Let's look at what was said, (linky)

" Just last night while practicing the uchi no kata version of our ukenagashi, I was stuck by how the whole thing works the exact same body dynamics that Rob had demonstrated during part of his Seattle workshop. When I started using what I'd learned from Rob everything clicked, but to do the movement correctly became much harder (if that makes any sense). Now I don't believe Mochizuki Sensei held anything back from us when he taught us this kata. In fact, it was the very specific nature of his teaching that led me to make the comparison and feel confident that I was merely seeing what was already there, not adding some new component. He was not holding back from me, but rather making sure that the shell of understanding was in place, and it was up to me to fill in."

That was the entire amount of information available to you. It is impossible with that amount of information for it to be a "local necessity" that Mochizuki Sensei be "dumb". There are too many factors that you simply could not know. It was rude and a wild leap of ‘logic.' Interestingly, only 7 days later, you posted this, (linky)

"It was only in retrospect (after I had a few of these skills) that I realized that my Okinawan karate teacher on Okinawa had shown me some of these skills. Since my perspective was based only on what I knew of the western understanding of strength, force, etc., I simply did not see what he showed me and hence I would have gone off and been a lost soul teaching external karate, if I'd chosen to go that route."

Now I ask you, do you think it is reasonable and *logically necessary* that your Okinawan karate teacher be considered "dumb" based on what you wrote? I don't. I called you on it there, and you felt it was so absurd when *I* said it, that you said, "I give up. I lose interest on these public forums."

Happy digging Mike, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some reason why it's OK for you to say what you do, and not OK for me. Prove me wrong man, and just admit that you were out of line.

Chris Moses
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