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Originally posted by Aleks Telin
Hmmm... I only started aikido three months ago but all I can say is that practice and my own mistakes are only what's really important. Someone here wrote about working "at the higher levels" and "grubbing around in the dirt"... There seems to be quite a bit of snobbishness and contempt in these words.
Well that was me and I am really sorry you read that into what I was saying. Personally speaking I am still in the dirt but no longer on my hands and knees.

Try to look at it this way. How fast you learn anything is based on a combination of you, your peers and your teacher. If your teacher's knowledge is limited you will be hindered, if everyone around you are beginners you will be hindered. Once you get past the gross movements there is still an entire world of nuance and internalization. I personally would rather be in the latter world.

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