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Wow! Thankyou all for the information! You have all been very informative and helpful. I look foward to getting to know you all better.

I saw the link for the Atlanta seminar and I will be sure to attend! What kind of things do you do at one of Imaizumi-sensei's seminars? And what is ukemi?

To Bruce...

Do you suggest any drills to better my timing? I practice Kendo-type sword fighting with my brother alot and I feel this does a good job or helping my timing. The other day, for example, he charged me with a fierce charge. I remained calm and centered. With exact percision I took a step back, extended the blade with my left hand and he ran right onto the tip. Had it been real blades (instead of bamboo) it would have punctured a lung. Point being, timing was crucial there and it seems that this type of practice would do well to better my timing or ma-ai. So, do you have any suggestions for timing drills?

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