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Evil Eyes Combat efficiency? "Fantastic"!

As a guest surfing on these forums... every thread about combat efficiency of Aikido seems to go down to 2 principles: maai and irimi.

But there ARE no use in true combat. Doesn't it seem like a bit of fake reality? Why? Try this:

If we stand at correct maai a reasonable fighter won't give any commited attacks but tries to sneak up with fake strikes and little steps. And in real life in one moment there may be nowhere to back up to!
When we try to IRIMI from the correct maai we cannot move our body ahead without the opponent noticing and just slightly turning his body and landing a strike on us because he has so much time to react to our irimi.

When we are potentially close for a successful irimi... (when the opponent has made the distance short or we have helped him) then it is too close to be the correct maai and we won't be able to react to the commited attacks.

And we are not in the world anymore where armout-clad soldiers RAN towards eachother on the battlefield.

Aikido provides fantastic solutions to fantastic situations! True or not?

Okay, there are lot's of you out there who will go that "this is not the purpose of Aikido" and blah blah... Maybe then we should stop calling it a MARTIAL art and equalize it with other way's of life and gymnastics as YOGA for example. Grrr...

A lot of people call Aikido a self-defence system... What use is a self defence system in which you aren't (as it seems from some posts) effeciantly able to defend yourself after 5 or even more years of practice? (if not relying on some skills which are earned crosstraining but not Aikido) Grrr...

All the replies welcome... if there will be any reasonable ones... just give it a thought - I know it's hard to doubt in somthing that some of you have done for very long BUT think real...

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