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Re: Saito Sensei 1964 22 kata?

Hi Ethan
I have been looking at this footage a while now and I'm also impressed with the quality of the film.
Regarding the jo movements. I see a kata that later turned into 31 kata. I see another kata that has the 13 kata in it but also more. All the extra stuff in these two kata that today is not included are still in the single (suburi) movents of jo that all in all counts to 20 right?

We have some of the hasso movements that we don't see in todays kata.
We have the yokomen ushiro tsuki.
We have the elusive hidare and migi nagare gaeshi
Etc etc.

It seems like Saito sensei kept (all or most of?) the individual movements of O-senseis teachings as suburi but over time took some of them out from the kata. My impression is that the founder did so many individual movements and sequences that it was basically impossible to make one kata containing all of them in a transmittable and coherent way. Saitos genious was that he put them all into suburi, kata, kumijo and henka. What I have a hard time to believe to this day is the old saying that the 31 kata always looked the way that it is practiced today (and this footage is some evidence to that). I feel that the 31 kata most closly resembles the kata the founder did and contains most of the individual sequences that was repeted by the founder... and was relatively easy for Saito to transmit to his deshi.
These kind of footage is gold to me in understanding where Saito came from and his process in evolving his pedagogics into what we do today.


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