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Re: Poll: If a 50 year old person came into your aikido dojo and said that they would

I started training aikido when I was 40 years old. I was the oldest by far in our dojo. That Summer, we went to gasshuku at Gleason Sensei's dojo in Boston. It was a hard gasshuku for me and I had a difficult time keeping up. I saw one old guy (looked about 60 or 70) on the mat wearing hakama and I found myself training a lot with him. I was amazed by his soft power and I trained with him as much as I could. I mentioned to him that I was worried about starting aikido so late in my life. He told me that he started when he was about 40 also, and suggested I have fun and not worry. Later, people told me how fortunate I had been to have gotten to train with Sekiya Sensei. I had no idea then who he was. His amazing aikido and kind encouragement made a deep impression on me.

That was more than 10 years ago. Of course I'm nowhere near becoming shihan, nor will I ever be, but I keep training and love it more all the time.

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