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Re: Poll: If a 50 year old person came into your aikido dojo and said that they would

Age per se is certainly a detriement if one wants to attain an arbitrarily high level. Same reason as investing. The more time you have theoretically the more you can gain. It is UNLIKELY but not impossible that a person who starts at 50 will attain the same ultimate level as a person who starts at 20. Of course there are all sorts of things that could influence that. However, I would like to comment on a different previous comment, namely that anyone over 40 will have to practice in a soft way. I started when I was 38 (ok so I took two years of Tomiki in high school....), and was in good shape but no world class athlete. We practiced on thin mats over concrete, so the only way to continue was to learn the right ukemi. I went hard and took big falls just like everyone else. Only serious injuries in 14 years have been a first degree shoulder separation and a dislocated finger during a seminar. I'm now 52 and still can go hard with the youngsters. Of course my ukemi is more informed and I no longer go home and sit down and count the places that aren't sore.....! It's all about stretching and ukemi.
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