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Ethan Weisgard
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Saito Sensei 1964 22 kata?

I was given this link by a friend of mine to a clip on Youtube. There is beautiful footage of Saito Sensei doing taijutsu very slowly and carefully - outdoors in Iwama. The footage is recorded by Robert Nadeau Shihan. The people I have asked do not know who the uke is. Any ideas?
At the end there is an interesting version of the 31 kata with a hassogaeshi finish to it! And at the very end of the clip Sensei does a kata I never saw him perform during the 18 years I trained under him. To me it looks like a form of 22 kata (I don't know this kata myself - Sensei didn't teach it). What are people's takes on this kata that is shown here?

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Ethan Weisgard
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