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Bruce Baker
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letting go ....

First let go of trying to show how aikido works to someone who doesn't want to see how it works. You are operatingin slow motion, while they are that much faster, no good.

Aikido was designed to work with those committed to the attack, that state of mind at least. You need to take your mind off trying to do any particular instruction and retrain your responses to action.

The sense of motion can either be slowed down until it like the movie in dreary slow motion, or you can be like an animal in the headlites of a car, motion is then too fast to be responded to, fear has taken away response.

Ask your teacher about this type of training to increase your natural responses, balance, and drills that make you able to move when needed, not after contact? (There are many sticky-hands, and mirror drills in Chinese arts, books are available to research this.)

If none of that works, then you need the "Book of Dirty Tricks". Hey, sometimes you need to know what is out there, whether or not you use it for diversions is up to you?
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