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Sascha Witt
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Well, although it would be very tempting I did vote no. No magic pills. Of corse if they are mass-produced and everyone around me took them that would be another story.
First of all (from my limited experience with Aikido) the techniques are the least important part of Aikido (and the easiest part to learn). To quote from a seminar I took last year: "You can do all of the techniques perfectly and still not do Aikido" I'm not sure anymore who said this, but I'm beginning to see the truth behind these words myself. The techniques are not Aikido, they are just tools to use to do Aikido.

Secondly taking the pill would be great for all of five minutes. If you actually learn Aikido over the course of your life you will have countless moments of "Wow!" Or "Did you actually have to go down? I didn't do anything?" As frustrating as it can be at times I would not want to miss these moments when suddenly something clicks. They usually make my day.

And speaking of a lifetime: I'm 29 years old if I took the pill now... then what? What'll I do with myself for the rest of my life? If there were nothing left to learn I don't think I would continue to practice for the next 40 or 50 years. What would be the point? I'd already know it all. Start something else? Be a white belt again? No thank you!
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