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Re: Aiki Spirit

Originally posted by Chris Li
First thing - "aiki" as Daito Ryu talks about it and "aiki" as M. Ueshiba talked about it can be two quite different things.
Could you explain what you see as the difference?
Originally posted by Chris Li
...Also, emphasizing aiki in his practice or not is not really the same thing as his conception of Aikido as a seperate art, which is really delineated on a philosophical basis...
Are you saying that the only diffence between Aikido and Aiki-jitsu is the philosopy? There is no different direction that can be found in the techniques of the two Arts?
Originally posted by Chris Li
...He went through a bunch of names, for various reasons, but I don't think that Takeda was quite as complacent about it as you make him appear...
I mentioned the name change and Takeda to show that two experts both agreed that what Morihei Ueshiba was doing should no longer be called Aiki-jitsu.

Why do you think Takeda was more actively involved?

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