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Re: Aiki Spirit

Originally posted by tedehara

Discovered seems too strong of a word for me. I would say O Sensei emphasized Aiki in his practice. Other people did Aiki Arts like Daito Ryu Aiki-jitsu, but no one displayed the Aiki Spirit as strongly as Morihea Ueshiba.
First thing - "aiki" as Daito Ryu talks about it and "aiki" as M. Ueshiba talked about it can be two quite different things. Also, emphasizing aiki in his practice or not is not really the same thing as his conception of Aikido as a seperate art, which is really delineated on a philosophical basis.

As to "no one displayed the Aiki Spirit as strongly as Morihea Ueshiba", well, there are plenty of people that would argue that point. He's certainly the most well known. At this point who was strongest in aiki is sort of a moot point, since there's no real way to tell for sure.

Both the founder and his teacher, Sogaku Takeda, realized that what he was doing was sufficiently different from Aiki-jitsu that it needed a different name. Among these other possible names were Aiki Budo and Aiki No Michi, both emphasizing Aiki and a way of life.
He went through a bunch of names, for various reasons, but I don't think that Takeda was quite as complacent about it as you make him appear.



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