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Originally posted by Lyle Bogin
Exercise: a pattern studied and repeated in order to ellicit some result.
I remember Bill Witt sensei saying that his definition for "keiko" was "to trace the old." He brought up the practice in shodo (Japanese calligraphy) where student places a piece of paper over one of his teacher's pieces to literally "trace" over his teacher's calligraphy.

But is shihonage only shihonage?
Of course not. But, then again, I believe people in Yoshinkan aikido stress shihonage as the most important technique to practice as, they say, it contains all of the principles necessary to learn aikido.

Hope you take the time to study with Imaizumi Sensei when he comes to Atlanta. Be sure to take some ukemi for him (all you have to do is ask)!
I'm personally looking forward to training with Imaizumi sensei this summer at the Summer Camp in the Rockies. Should be fun...

-- Jun

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