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Lyle Bogin
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Greg - Yes I think I agree with what you are saying. Perhaps you misunderstood what I mean by exercises. I do not mean as in to work out necessarily.

Exercise: a pattern studied and repeated in order to ellicit some result.

I do not think that this deviates at all from aikido as a martial way. My intent is not to make a sweeping statement about how everyone needs to see aikido. Rather, the members of this board seem to be giving good advice on how to handle an actual shihonage. But is shihonage only shihonage? Does it make sense to practice against thousands of wrist grabs if there is no other purpose than defending against wrist grabs? He asked about a real fight, does anyone know of anyone (no legends of the sensei, really know them) that has applied shihonage in a real fight against a wrist grab? Does it matter?

Oh, and I just noticed that the original poster, Jason, studies at a branch of the same dojo as I. How nice . Hi there! Hope you take the time to study with Imaizumi Sensei when he comes to Atlanta. Be sure to take some ukemi for him (all you have to do is ask)!
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