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Drew Mailman
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Re: Audio Interview with Sensei George Ledyard...

Thank you very much for your time and your reply, Mr. Ledyard. Everything is MUCH clearer now.

Jeff Davidson wrote: View Post
Mailman working for the USPS! The irony of it! Was it the name that led you to the life of a postal worker? Ha! Well, I'm really glad you like the podcast. Like you, I love to listen to different podcasts while I do my work and I was shocked when I couldn't find any good Aikido podcasts. So my instructor Bob King and I decided to start our own!
Working for the post office is nice. In Wichita, it's probably one of the best paying jobs you can get right out of high school. My older brother plans on staying for a career with the postal service, but I want to do something else. But, the pay is great, which is nice when you're in college and just need to pay for food, gas, cable, electricity, and Aikido.

I *did*, however, have a night at work where I remembered all of the times the other kids in elementary school asked me "your last name is Mailman? Are you going to be a mailman when you grow up?". And then I thought about how funny fate could be...

Sorry about the off-topic reply, just thought I'd explain a little.
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